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The colors and atmosphere around water lilies!

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Claude Monet, as an impressionist painter, also became famous by painting the beautiful water lilies in the various seasons and at different times in one day. He had a very extensive flower garden with a pond, with water lilies, laid out.

Light influences colors and atmosphere. Monet painted the water lilies and the pond many times at different times of the day. The colors change under the influence of mist, rising or setting sun and the like. Monet has recorded this in his paintings in his own way.

Especially the last period of his life, from 1910 until he died in 1926, the garden and especially the pond with its beautiful lilies was an important source of inspiration.
But when he got older he got more and more problems with cloudy eye lenses, which is very difficult for a painter. When he was 82 he completely removed the lens from his left eye. His right eye remained cloudy. This had major consequences for his painting. When an eye lens is gone, the retina also receives UV light that it responds to. So this was the case with Monet. He therefore saw white light not as white, but as a blue tint.

And the white water lilies on his pond were not white for him in his late years, but light blue. He painted them like that!

Beautiful fairytale ponds with water lilies. A theme that inspired other artists to paint water lilies in all sorts of atmospheres, styles and colors. Every artist did that in his own way ..

Below a painting with water lilies, painted in your own way! Click on the image for more information about the painting.

webmasterThe colors and atmosphere around water lilies!

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