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Spring and art

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You can also pick up the spring in house by means of art . On the other hand, not everyone can pay a Picasso. But something original does not have to be expensive at all. At the friendly priced paintings at many beautiful flower paintings can be found. Another idea; create a self-made Art Wall. You can do this by framing dried flowers, hanging up summer texts and cheerful images. The result is a beautiful mix of different shapes, textures and colors on the wall. Simple but effective.


Full of light
To optimally enjoy the spring light you can replace the thick winter curtains for light ones. For example, an inbetween with a linen look. The ‘inbetween’ filters the cheerful sunbeams inwards, but the view remains limited. Immediately replace the dark colored candles with fresh spring colors. A group of candles with different sizes is still cozy!

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