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Colour in the House

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Back from vacation I always feel like painting again. Along the way and in museums seen a lot of art and beautiful colors and color combinations. The landscape shows many shades of green and the houses in the sun have many beautiful shades of gray and rosette. Color is created by light and you experience that during sunny vacations. The sunnier the more color. The weather in the Netherlands is often cloudy, which affects color and color intensity.

That is why artists, such as Vincent van Gogh, stayed in ao France.
That is why people are happy with color in the house. It radiates a certain intensity.

The above picture is beautiful and bold in terms of color. Many will not bring color in the house this way :). You can also apply color by painting one or more walls or by hanging a colorful painting for example . The combination of a colorful painting with a colored wall also works beautifully and reinforces. Colorful paintings come in all kinds of styles, themes and sizes.

See below three different works by three of our artists. In these works you can see that there has been worked with color in different ways. From very intense use of color to more subtle color use.

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