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There are so many ways to integrate art into your interior. Art gives color and atmosphere to your home and with art you can indicate a style preference. If you mainly hang on abstract art then the rest of your house will probably be decorated in a modern way. A super-tight minimalist and modern interior with, for example, a tough portrait can also be amazingly beautiful. So … you live out. Before you go to a gallery or an artist, first think of where you would like to hang your painting. View the light and the space you have there. View the color of your wall, maybe you need to adjust it? Always hang a painting at eye level.

  • With paintings and accessories you complete the interior and you can easily change the atmosphere again. When choosing art, it is nice to see a tint from your accent colors in it.
  • Color choice is a matter of looking, feeling, thinking and just doing: You have to like it and you feel good in that use of color. Colors are mood-setting and can influence your mood and feeling.
  • Sometimes you want to have a certain color come back in your living room, for example. Such a work of art on the wall can be a starting point here. Choose a painting that suits the colors in your home, or go for extreme and choose something with a lot of contrast.
  • Lovingly chosen paintings are a reflection of your personality and make your home a comfortable home. Atmosphere, character and charisma are largely determined by it. Tune paintings, furniture and accessories together in order to create a harmonious overall picture.
  • With a stylish interior, art has been popular for centuries: as a reinforcement of the atmosphere, as a beautiful accent or as an exclusive eye-catcher. Add a few good works of art to a sober interior and, voila, you have a stylish, exclusive design.
  • A work of art must be more than a decorative picture. It must touch you, captivate and attract attention. It must be something unique, something unique, which does not have everyone hanging over his couch

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